Smile art dental aesthetic uses technologically advanced dental units and equipments. These high tech instruments serve our aim to treat your oral health with utmost care.

Oral Vacuum

We use this tool very often and is useful because it can reduce aerosol discharge from the patient's mouth.

Pain-Less Injection

With the new technology, you don't need to be afraid anymore for dental procedures that require anesthetic injection

Zoom Phillips USA

This tool is a USA Phillips zoom that is used for teeth whitening to whiten your teeth. Your teeth are whiter in just 1 hour.


Aquacare is a dental abrasion unit, enabling you to provide contact free and minimal invasive dentistry, making routine dental procedures painless for patients.

Dental Laser

Dental laser is used in all aspect of dentistry include endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, aesthetic industry, restorative dentistry and dental implants.


The technology of PIEZOSURGERY is revolutionary for bone surgery: a device which provided precision, safety, perfect ergonomics and the highest quality to surgeons for bone cutting without damaging soft tissue.